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About Repsol North America

Repsol provides the chance to work for a multinational, multicultural company on challenging global
energy projects. We offer broad career advancement opportunities, extensive professional development
and a great working environment.

The U.S. is a strategic growth area for Repsol and over the past few years Repsol USA has expanded
exponentially with strong projections for continued growth. Repsol’s Houston office serves as a regional
headquarters for The Americas. Repsol business groups based in Houston include:

U.S. Business Unit
Repsol USA has exploration and production operations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the North Slope of Alaska, Louisiana, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Exploration for North America & Brazil
Repsol has made some of the world’s top discoveries in recent years and our exploration program is one of the main engines for the company’s growth.

Business Development and Exploration
Focused on expanding production opportunities in North and South America and the Caribbean.

Natural Gas and Crude Oil Products origination and trading operations
Supplying producers’, LDCs’ and power generators’ needs in North America.

Global Offshore Drilling
Managing Repsol’s offshore drilling projects worldwide.

Acquiring and processing seismic data for Repsol’s global exploration projects.

Technology Hub
Developing strategic technology in Geoscience and Geomechanics to meet Repsol’s current and future technology needs.

Corporate Responsibilities
Including Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Land, Public Affairs, and Administrative positions.

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