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Natural Gas Production & LNG Project Development

In North America, Repsol holds significant acreage in the Gulf of Mexico basin from which it currently produces and markets natural gas.
LNG Supply is Available
to Meet Your Needs

Repsol has an equity position and LNG off take agreements from Trinidad and Tobago. in addition Repsol has off take rights from the new development in Peru
Delivery Security Through
Vertical Integration

The fleet of 13 tankers managed by Repsol-Gas Natural LNG S.L. enhances the security of delivery of Repsol’s LNG supplies from its supply sources, including Trinidad and Tobago.
Canaport LNG Receiving & Regasification Terminal

Supplying natural gas to Canadian and American markets, Canaport LNG has a maximum send-out capacity of 1.2 billion cubic feet (BCF) or 28 million cubic metres of natural gas per day.
Full Service Gas Trading and Origination

Repsol Energy Canada (REC) and Repsol Energy North America (RENA) provide full service gas trading and origination to wholesale gas markets in both Canada and the US.